Owlsome Team

Tony Tiong
Founder & CEO
Owlsome Group represents a real passion project for accomplished business mind Tony Tiong. During his fast-paced, high-level career, he has enjoyed success across a range of industries, leaving his mark on the worlds of mining, real estate, and even toll roads. His education and work has taken him to countries all over the world, and now it’s his mission to provide innovative and unique lifestyle experiences on a global scale. Innovation and creativity are two of the key values that guide his approach, but ultimately he sees Owlsome as an opportunity to spread joy. And couldn’t we all use a little more of that?
Sijia Tiong
Sijia has over 16 years of experience in the legal field, and she cut her teeth in the multinational business environment before joining Owlsome. Having graduated from the University of Melbourne, you’ll now find her busy with a wide spectrum of important legal and administrative matters. That may sound like heavy work to you and I, but she describes it as a fun and energetic experience, thanks to Owlsome’s uniquely awesome corporate culture. Fun and energetic are also good words to describe Sijia herself, who enjoys swimming, hiking, running, and horse-riding in her free time.
Min Chan
For Min, being part of Owlsome is a blissful experience. That’s because it combines so many things he’s passionate about! Not only can he apply his business skills -- he has over 20 years of experience in corporate finance, direct investment and management consulting -- but he can also share and celebrate his love of food. That’s right; Min is a major foodie at heart, and he’s especially inspired by South East Asian and East Asian cuisines. What excites him is the prospect of pairing new and innovative beverages with his favourite dishes, and we’ve found that his personality is the perfect complement to the Owlsome team!
Felix Cheung
Head of Operations
Felix is a self-taught online “cool geek” that has turned his social media obsession into a successful digital marketing career. If you meet him at a party, expect to talk about all things tech, cryptomining, and the Internet of Things. His start in business came early when he began his own ecommerce initiative, selling car parts as he studied. It certainly gave his career a jump start! Now, he runs two YouTube channels and social media communities that total over 40k followers. You’re likely to find him on the basketball court when he’s not dominating the digital space and spreading the world about Owlsome activities.